Monday, May 18, 2015

Original Documents. What Really Happened at Kill Devil Hills December 17, 1903

Harry Moore, reporter, who "scooped" the December 17, 1903, Wright story when he was nineteen years old.

Readers, I am publishing some original primary documents on this blog in order to get the information out to the public right now

I will continue with the story of the Wright Flyer wings shortly.

David McCullough, a reputable historian, has just published a book called The Wright Brothers. He has admitted that he knew nothing about the subject matter when he started, and that he relied on Tom Crouch, Senior Curator of the National Air and Space Museum, for his research.

Tom Crouch has a highly biased agenda. He is a publicized defender of the contract that the Smithsonian signed with the Wright family whereby the Smithsonian must support that the Wright brothers were the first to fly -- or they may lose the "Wright Flyer" on display there to the Wright family.  

The documents I am publishing over a short time period will open to question many of the published statements of the Wright brothers about the events of December 17, 1903, when they claimed they were the first to make a manned, powered, controlled, sustained flight from level ground with their engine power alone.

For an explanation of the provenance of these documents,  I am first publishing in full, the statement that owner, Steve Fritts, made to me and in following posts, the documents he shared with me. Steve is  a collector of old documents, and was given these papers by the daughter of Harry Moore, the reporter, who "scooped" the Wright story on December 17, 1903. Documents will be published here that support Harry Moore's statements. 

Note that Tom Crouch knows of the existence of these documents, but has not made their contents available to the public or, apparently, to such historians as David McCullough.

 I might add and I will repeat that Harry Moore and the Life Savers didn't know that a flight made from a hill can not be considered a  powered, sustained flight

Steve Fritts / Dunwoody, Georgia 

For more about this story, please see "The Big Story":

To be continued...